high school  

I'm shooting a project about the interaction of high school students with the realities of learning during a pandemic.

The school is a small closed world. A young person is required to complete eleven years of a state program aimed at raising a comfortable, respectable adult. Children are defenseless and inexperienced, our teachers are against us, even if they want the best for us.The eleventh graders are on the threshold of a new life, remaining completely unprepared for it. It is very pleasant and convenient not to ask unnecessary questions. What is the system? How to live in it? How to build your thought, your perception? It is easier to go to school every day. Now that the school has been quarantined, the situation has become even more grotesque. All students should sit in the same small classroom, without intersecting with other children. Each movement takes place at a strictly defined time under the careful supervision of the teacher. Teenagers are not allowed out of sight.But I know that everyone unconsciously makes every effort to be themselves. In this way, I explore the interaction of a teenager with the system, as well as the phenomenon of personality formation. Thanks to the project, I realized that the human personality is of great importance. Thanks to the creativity of the children, our small class becomes a whole world, in this small closed world.